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The ATL COM Book Gallery

Gopalan Suresh Raj

Listed below are excellent ATL COM books, some of which adorn the bookshelves of my library. While there are a lot of books which clutter the market-place with promises sky-high, very few of them seem to live up to their expectations. Hence, I have only included those books that I feel are actually worth the asking price. Many of them are discounted by 10% to 30% through Amazon.

ATL COM Development

ATL COM Programmer's Reference by Dr.Richard Grimes

This is a really handy ATL COM reference book explaining both programming techniques and syntax. At just over 360 pages it is a book to carry around and keep about you all the time while you write your code. It explains the features of ATL 3.0 and how these can be applied to develop your lightweight COM components using Visual C++. However, this is no book for a novice ATL programmer, since it assumes a fair knowledge of Visual C++ and COM. Probably, since the author's aim was to write a handy Programmer's Reference, topics on COM security, IDL, MIDL and compiler COM support have been left out. However this is a very well written, small, handy, consise book on ATL COM programming which you will always want keep around while are developing your ATL COM components.

Professional COM Applications with ATL by Sing Li and Panos Economopoulos

If the first version of this book ( Professional Visual C++ 5 ActiveX/COM Control Programming ) was wonderful, this second version is excellent. The book takes you through the development of a real world three-tier application and along the way you get to learn a lot about The Microsoft Component Services (MCS) technology. It teaches you how to build flexible client-side ActiveX controls and DNA business objects for your middle-tier using DCOM, MTS, MSMQ and Universal Data Access using OLE DB and how to tie all these together to create robust applications. The authors do not assume any prior knowledge of COM or ATL on the part of the reader and they go about teaching you the concepts, reinforcing them with real world examples. All the code is written in Visual C++ and sometimes tested out using VB. On the whole a great reading experience. We need more books like this one.

Beginning Atl Com Programming by Dr.Richard Grimes, Alex Stockton, George Reilly, Julian Templeman

Beginners is a bit of a misnomer, this is more of an intermediate book on ATL, which takes you from a simple example of how to write an ActiveX control through descriptions of the ATL implementation of IDispatch, properties, collections, SAFEARRAYs, connection points, and finally to an ActiveX control that utilizes theWin32 TreeView Common Control to as a URL browser that you can put on IE pages or VB forms. This book is full of examples and is the most comprehensive book on ATL on the market.

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