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The C++ Book Gallery

Gopalan Suresh Raj

Listed below are excellent C++ books, some of which adorn the bookshelves of my library. While there are a lot of books which clutter the market-place with promises sky-high, very few of them seem to live up to their expectations. Hence, I have only included those books that I feel are actually worth the asking price. Many of them are discounted by 10% to 30% through Amazon.

C++ Development

Effective C++ : 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs by Scott Meyers

This definitive guide to C++ has been updated to reflect the latest ANSI/ISO standard. With more than 50,000 copies sold, the first edition has helped thousands of developers improve their C++ programming skills. Continuing in this tradition, Meyers has reworked every item in the book and has liberally placed cross-references throughout the text

More Effective C++ : 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs by Scott Meyers

Scott Meyers' Effective C++ was a successful bestseller. Now, with Effective C++ Plus, Meyers answers consumers' pleas for more programming tips, providing 50 new practical rules for C++ professionals. Sticking with the proven format of the first book, each style rule is followed by a short paragraph explaining the rule with examples illustrating it.

The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup

Written by the inventor of the language, this book is the defining text on the language that has become central to software development over the past five years. The third edition is based on the ANSI C++ standard now being proposed with its many new language features--templates, exceptions, namespaces, and run-time type identification, to name a few.

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