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Behavorial Design Patterns

This design pattern is all about algorithms and assigning object responsibilities. This design pattern also helps design communications between different classes and objects and their interconnections. While behavorial-class patterns use inheritance to distribute behavior between classes, behavorial-object patterns use object composition to perform the same task.

  The Mediator Design Pattern is used to design encapsulation for interaction among objects. It helps design a loose coupling by preventing objects from referring to each other directly. This allows to vary their interactions independantly.
The Command Design Pattern helps to encapsulate each request as an object. This helps in queing or logging requests and helps perform difficult operations  
. The Interpreter Design Pattern helps interpret sentences in any given language, provided that the grammar for the language is provided.
The Iterator Design Pattern is used to access elements of an aggregated object sequentially without exposing its representation.  
  The Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern avoids tying the sender of a request tightly to its receiver. It helps design chains of receiving objects and pass the request along the chain until an object handles the request.
The Memento Design Pattern helps design how to capture an object's internal state so that an object can be restored to that state later.  
  The Observer Design Pattern is used to design and define a one-to-many relationship between objects so that when one object changes state, all its dependants are notified and updated automatically.

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