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Creational Design Patterns

This Design pattern is all about class instantiation. This pattern can be further divided into class-creation patterns and object-creational patterns. While class-creation patterns use inheritance effectively in the instantiation process, object-creation patterns use delegation effectively to get the job done.

  The Factory Design Pattern delegates the work of object creation to derived classes of the interface
The Abstract Factory is a type of design pattern that is used for creating groups of dependant instances of classes without specifying their concrete classes.  
. The Builder Design Pattern separates the creation of an instance of a class from its representation so that the same creation pattern can be used for creating different representations of the object.
The Singleton Design Pattern makes sure that at any point of time, there is one and only one instance of a class present and also provides a global point of access to the object.  
  The Prototype Design Pattern creates new instances of classes by copying its prototype

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