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Structural Design Patterns

    This design pattern is all about Class and Object composition. Structural class-creation patterns use inheritance to compose interfaces. Structural object-patterns define ways to compose objects to obtain new functionality.    
      The Adapter Design Pattern is a type of design pattern that is used for converting the interface of a class into an interface that its clients expect to see. This pattern allows incompatible interfaces to work together.    
  The Bridge Design Pattern separates an abstract interface from its implementation so that both the interface and its implementation can change without any dependancy between each other.  
  . The Composite Design Pattern is used to compose objects so that they can be represented in part-whole hierarchies in tree-structures. This pattern allows clients to treat individual objects equally.
  The Decorator Design Pattern is used when additional functionality needs to be added to objects dynamically.This pattern provides an alternative to subclassing for extending an object's functionality.  
    The Facade Design Pattern is used to provide a high-level interface that makes the subsystem easier to use. It helps create a unified interface to a set of interfaces in the subsystem.
  The Flyweight Design Pattern is used to share a large numbers of small objects efficiently  
    The Proxy Design Pattern is used is used when it is required to use another object as a substitute to control access to this object.
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