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Gopalan Suresh Raj
8730 S.Country Drive. Apt. #201
Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154-3880, USA
+1 (414) 768-5549

The LMMS Project

This is a project I am now working on with The University of Southern California (L.A.)'s Industrial and Systems Engineering Department in my spare time.

We hope to bring the internet to the plant floor with this technology. We are moving the controllers that control equipment/tools on the plant floor to a remote location so that the same remote server can be used to control the operations of different machines all across the Internet/Intranet.

The project is completely Java based and it involves a lot of EJB, Jini and Java Serial Communication APIs. We have EJB services that service remote clients on the network. We are trying to wrap these EJBs as Jini services, so as to create Jini service federations that can be dynamically looked-up and used by any client on the network.

If you are really interested in learning more about this project, please send in a note to me or to Prof.Dr.Satish Bukkapatnam of USC.

More on this later... 

About me...

You have reached Gopalan Suresh Raj's Jini Work Area. I am a software architect, developer, consultant and an active author. My consulting expertise spans distributed component architectures and distributed object computing, real-time technologies, Internet and Intranet systems design and cross-platform applications development. I am a contributing author to a couple of books:

  • Enterprise Java Computing -Applications and Architecture
    SIGS Books / Cambridge University Press (June 1999, Paperback, 360 pages) ISBN: 0521657121.
    - Authored the chapters on Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java & CORBA and the section on Jini Technology.
  • My most recent technical publication was

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    I also designed and maintain the Component Engineering Cornucopia site ( popularly known as the Web Cornucopia ). I currently work as a Senior Analyst for Compuware Corporation in their Professional Services Division.

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    Some of my Notes on Jini Technology

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