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Gopalan Suresh Raj

Mar-15,'00 Developing a Web Based E-Mail system using the Java Mail API, JSP and the Servlet API
Jan-31,'00 Developing an Applet based Sender/Receiver using IBM's MQSeries
Jan-06,'00 Developing a CORBA client that invokes using the Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII)
Dec-27,'99 The Factory Method (Creational) Design Pattern
Oct-24,'99 Coding an MTS Server Component using Visual C++ and ATL
Oct-24,'99 Coding an MTS Client using Visual C++
Oct-24,'99 Viewpoint - The latest SOAP Opera
Oct-16,'99 JMS - Developing a Topic Publisher
Oct-16,'99 JMS - Developing a Topic Subscriber
Oct-16,'99 JMS - Developing a Queue Sender
Oct-16,'99 JMS - Developing a Queue Receiver
Oct-10,'99 The CORBA Component Model (CCM)
Oct-08,'99 Developing Bean Managed Persistence (BMP) in Entity EJBs
Sept-24,'99 The Java Message Service (JMS)
Sept-18,'99 Created the Distributed Computing Discussion Forum for Developers
Sept-01,'99 Article on Jini Technology
Aug-01,'99 Java IDL - Java meets CORBA - Part 4
Aug-01,'99 Java IDL - Java meets CORBA - Part 3
Aug-01,'99 Java IDL - Java meets CORBA - Part 2
Aug-01,'99 Java IDL - Java meets CORBA - Part 1
July-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 8
July-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 7
July-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 6
July-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 5
June-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 4
June-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 3
June-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 2
June-01,'99 Enterprise JavaBeans - Part 1
May-04,'99 A Detailed Comparison of EJB and MTS (with specific code examples)
Apr-26,'99 Coding the Bank Checking Account MTS Client
Apr-26,'99 Coding the Bank Checking Account MTS Component
Apr-26,'99 Coding the Bank Account IDL
Mar-17,'99 Coding a DCOM Server from IDL
Mar-17,'99 Coding a DCOM Client
Mar-14,'99 Coding CORBA Servers that create Stringified Servants
Mar-14,'99 Coding CORBA Clients that use Stringified references
Mar-14,'99 COM+
Mar-12,'99 Coding a CORBA Server
Mar-12,'99 Coding a CORBA Client
Mar-11,'99 Developing a Java/RMI Server
Mar-11,'99 Developing a Java/RMI Client
Mar-08,'99 The Advanced COM/DNA Tutorial
Mar-02,'99 Coding an MSMQ Server
Mar-02,'99 Coding an MSMQ Client
Feb-24,'99 Coding an MTS Server Component
Feb-24,'99 Coding an MTS Client
Feb-12,'99 Coding a Jini Client
Feb-12,'99 Coding a Jini Service
Feb-12,'99 Jini - The Network Dialtone
Dec-19,'98 Modelling using Session and Entity Enterprise JavaBeans
Dec-19,'98 Developing Session Beans
Dec-19,'98 Developing Entity Beans
Dec-16,'98 My Enterprise JavaBeans Presentation at The Wisconsin Java Users' Group meeting on Dec 16'98
Oct-16,'98 The Mediator (Behavioral) Design Pattern
Sept-27,'98 A Detailed Comparison of CORBA, DCOM and Java/RMI (with specific code examples)
July-19,'98 Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
July-06,'98 Java/RMI - Under the Hood
July-01,'98 Java Remote Method Invocation (Java/RMI)
June-29,'98 ICAM'98 presentation slides - A Computational Architecture for LMMS
June-25,'98 A Computational Architecture for LMMS
May-17,'98 Viewpoint - Sun vs Microsoft
Apr-28,'98 The Advanced Java Tutorial
Apr-08,'98 The Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ)
Mar-26,'98 The Book Gallery
Mar-25,'98 Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
Mar-16,'98 Threading Models in COM
Mar-12,'98 DCOM and CORBA
Mar-09,'98 Java/COM Integration - Use Visual J++ to develop COM Objects
Mar-03,'98 Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
Feb-26,'98 Viewpoint - The Battle for the Enterprise
Feb-22,'98 JavaBeans vs ActiveX - A Comparison Based on a whole new scale
Feb-22,'98 The Component Object Model (COM)
Feb-14,'98 Behavorial Patterns
Feb-14,'98 Structural Patterns
Feb-14,'98 Creational Patterns
Dec-04,'97 Converting ActiveX to JavaBeans


About the Author...
Gopalan Suresh Raj is a Software Architect, Developer and an active Author. He is contributing author to a couple of books "Enterprise Java Computing-Applications and Architecture" (Cambridge University Press, June '99) and "The Awesome Power of JavaBeans" (Manning, July'98). His expertise spans enterprise component architectures and distributed object computing. Visit him at his Web Cornucopia site ( or mail him at


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