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This site is dedicated to The Ubiquitous Component Developer...
Welcome to the World of Distributed Objects...
Microsoft's ActiveX/COM In the begining there was nothing...

...and then there were Components - Components Components everywhere!

Javasoft's Java and related technologies

The most easiest way to get to most of the articles on this site. Retrace the links... What's New

What's new...

Each man is entitled to his opinion. A case in point. This is what I feel about...  Viewpoint


How you convert your existing ActiveX control to a JavaBean and...  Read this article now

ActiveX to JavaBeans...

In this section I have only included those books that I feel are actually worth the asking price.. The Book Gallery

The Book Gallery...

I got to tell you this or else my head will shatter into a million pieces and... Breaking Tech News

Breaking Tech News...

It's been released and it's going to change the playing arena for better or worse...  Game Changers

Game Changers...

How you can package your existing JavaBean so that it can masquarade as an ActiveX control, and...  My Published Articles My published Articles...
Here you can get at components I have developed over time along with their sources...  Components & sources Components and their sources...
Extremely Useful Links Extremely useful links...
Utterly Useless Links Utterly Useless links...

The most important task in any project life-cycle is the Design.A good design ensures the success of every project. Good Design Patterns have the potential to permanently alter the software engineering field, catapulating it into the realm of true elegant design. Join me as I walk you through my view of this world of Creational Patterns, Structural Patterns and Behavorial Patterns.

All things bright and beautiful

All projects great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Component Developer made them all...

When what you are doing is not working, you might as well do something else, no matter how crazy it might seem..
You always have an option. There's always something you can do. You are never without a choice. If you're not making headway with an attack, then do something else, do anything else. But do something..
All of us have sprung from the same source. The power to make things happen by imagination is available everywhere. No one can give it to you because you already have it...
Some people see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask why not...
On my planet I have an animal called the Bear. It is a large animal, sometimes larger than me, and it is clever and has ingenuity, and it has a brain as large as mine. But the Bear differs from me in one important way. It cannot perform the activity I call imagining. It cannot make mental images of how reality may be. It cannot envision what I call the past and what I call the future. This special ability of imagination is what has made my species as great as it is. This is the gift of my species and this is the danger because, I do not choose to control my imagination. I imagine wonderful things and I imagine terrible things and I take no responsibility for the choice. I say I have the Power of Good and the Power of Evil, the Angel and the Devil, but in truth, I have just one thing inside me - THE ABILITY TO IMAGINE...




Software Reuseablity is one other major goal of software engineering. Good Object-Oriented systems ensure this through Inheritance and Encapsulation. Microsoft tries to move reuseability from the source code realm into the binary realm. COM, OLE, ActiveX, DCOM, COM+ -you can call it anything- are all Microsoft's solutions to smooth out the edges and ensure that data sharing at the binary level, takes place in a consistent manner. Explore this world with me as I rave and rant about these ActiveX/COM technologies...

CORBA is a structural architecture designed to support heterogenous object systems. CORBA achieves communication between different distributed objects while still allowing encapsulation  and hiding of the internal object structure from external objects through Indirection. Let me show you how it uses Indirection efficiently to achive encapsulation preventing systematic recompilation.



  Visual C++ is Microsoft's flagship product for C++. It's class library MFC provides an Object-Oriented interface to the Windows OS. Windows 95 and NT are their flagship Operating Systems. In this section you can find my Win32 articles on developing NT Services, Named pipes, memory mapped I/O, Winsock Multithreading issues, thunking and a whole bunch of stuff useful for the systems programmer...
Javasoft describes Java as "A Simple, Object Oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neutral, portable, high-performance, multithreaded and dynamic language". JavaBeans is the specification for building reuseable software components using Java. More recently Javasoft released the InfoBus specification for Beans. See how I use these technologies in my projects...  
  Visual J++ is a pretty cool development system from Microsoft. Microsoft has released it's Technology Preview for Visual J++ ver 6.0. It ships with JDK 1.1 support, WFC, AFC, ActiveX-Bean integration tools, RNI, J/Direct, JDBC-ODBC Bridge and a whole bunch of cool interesting tools. I will do my best to give you an insight into how you can program using these libraries and tools.

Micosoft Transaction Server (MTS) is built on DCOM and brings in mainframe-like transactional reliability to the PC world following a "write once, run many" strategy. Let me show you how to build Transaction Server business object components.

    The Microsoft Message Queue Server guarantees a simple, reliable and scalable means of asynchronous communication freeing up client apps to do other tasks without waiting for a response from the other end. Let me walk you through this new technology from Microsoft code named the Falcon  
A Component Engineering Cornucopia by Gopalan Suresh Raj
Who is Gopalan Suresh Raj?...
Who is Gopalan Suresh Raj?
Who is this guy anyway?...

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A Component Engineering Cornucopia by Gopalan Suresh Raj
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What's New

Mar 26,'98 The Book Gallery
Mar 25,'98 Microsoft Transaction Server
Mar 16,'98 Threading Models in COM
Mar 12,'98 DCOM and CORBA
Mar 09,'98 Java/COM Integration - Use Visual J++ to develop COM Objects
Mar 03,'98 Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Feb 26,'98 Viewpoint
Feb 22,'98 JavaBeans vs ActiveX - A Comparison Based on a whole new scale
Feb 22,'98 The Component Object Model
Feb 14,'98 Behavorial Patterns
Feb 14,'98 Structural Patterns
Feb 14,'98 Creational Patterns
Dec 04,'97 Converting ActiveX to JavaBeans

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