Enterprise JavaBeans

Gopalan Suresh Raj

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Enterprise JavaBeans

Enterprise Development Evolution… Early Development

Enterprise Development Evolution… Modular Development - The Next Wave

Enterprise Development Evolution… Component Oriented Development - The New Wave

The Enterprise Development Challenge... Transactions - What are they?

The Enterprise Development Challenge... Transactions - The ACID Properties

The Enterprise Development Challenge... The Java Transaction Service (JTS)

The Enterprise Development Challenge... Naming Service - What is it?

The Enterprise Development Challenge... The Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)

The Java Component Model JavaBeans - A generic component model

Moving on to the Server... Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

Differences between JavaBeans & Enterprise JavaBeans

Why Enterprise JavaBeans?

The EJB Architecture

The EJB Server

EJB Containers

The Home Interface & The Home Object

The Remote Interface & The EJBObject

The EJB Client

The Enterprise Java Bean

Differences between Session Beans & Entity Beans

The EJB Lifecycle - Roles in EJB

Developing EJBs

Developing EJBs (continued)... The Home Interface & Home Object

Developing EJBs (continued)... Define the Home Interface

Developing EJBs (continued)... How the Client Locates the Home Object

Developing EJBs (continued)... Client code to Locate the Home Object

Developing EJBs (continued)... The Remote Interface & EJBObject

Developing EJBs (continued)... Define the Remote Interface

Developing EJBs (continued)...Client Code to invoke EJBObject methods

Developing EJBs (continued)... Entity Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)... Entity Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)… Define Entity Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)... Persistence in Entity Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)... PrimaryKey Class for the EntityBean

Developing EJBs (continued)... Session Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)... Session Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)… Define Session Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)... Session Beans

Developing EJBs (continued)... EJB Clients - The Client Contract

Developing EJBs (continued)... Coding the EJB Client

Modelling using Session & Entity Beans

The EJB Container

The Component Contract

The EJB Server

Deploying EJBs

CORBA-IIOP compatibility

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This was a presentation I made at the Wisconsin Java User's Group (WJUG) on Dec 16'98.

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Download the Entire source code ( Note: To execute the examples you will need EJBHome's (ver 0.40) EJB server, JDK 1.1.7 from Javasoft and The Java Servlet API JSDK2.0)


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Gopalan Suresh Raj is a Software Architect, Developer and an active Author. He is contributing author to a couple of books "Enterprise Java Computing-Applications and Architecture" and "The Awesome Power of JavaBeans". His expertise spans enterprise component architectures and distributed object computing. Visit him at his Web Cornucopia site (http://www.execpc.com/~gopalan) or mail him at gopalan@execpc.com.

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