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The COM+/DNA Tutorial

Gopalan Suresh Raj


Note : To code and run any of the sample programs in this tutorial, you may need Microsoft Visual Studio version 6.0/.NET. Download Internet Explorer 4.0x or higher so that the latest JVM is installed on your machine. You can also download the latest Microsoft SDK for Java from here

A Detailed Comparison of CORBA, DCOM and Java/RMI
MTS vs EJB (with specific code examples)

COM+ and .NET

Building a complete COM+ Server component using C# and .NET
Building a COM+ Client using C# and .NET
COM to .NET Interoperability
COM to .NET Interoperability
Classic COM Server using C# and .NET
COM Client using Visual Basic ver 6.0
Managed C++ Client using Early Binding
Managed C++ Client using Late Binding
Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ)
What is Microsoft Message Queue
Developing an MSMQ Server Application
Developing an MSMQ Client
Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
What is Microsoft Transaction Server
Developing an MTS Server Component using VJ++
Developing an MTS Client using VJ++
Developing an MTS Server Component using Visual C++ and ATL
Developing an MTS Client using VC++ and ATL
  ---The Three Tier Bank Checking Account---
The Bank Account IDL
Developing the Checking MTS Server Component
Developing The Checking MTS Client
Distributed COM
What is The Component Object Model
Threading Models in COM
Coding a DCOM Server from IDL
Coding a DCOM Client
What is COM+
Basic COM+
The Basic COM+ Tutorial
Connection Points
What are Connection Points
Implementing Connection Points
Connection Point Client
The Factory Method Design Pattern (Creational)
The Mediator Design Pattern (Behavioral)

More to come soon...


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