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Gopalan Suresh Raj

Gopalan has been a Software Engineering Professional since 1991. His background includes Object-Oriented and Component-Oriented Design and Development in the areas of Medical-Systems, Process Automation, Target Marketing Systems, Manufacturing Systems, Object-Relational Persistence Mapping, Custom Control development, Cross-platform Applications development and Expert Systems. His expertise spans multi-tier Enterprise Component Architectures and Distributed Object Computing. His responsibilities have included the entire gamut of the Software Engineering project life-cycle including Analysis, Design, Development and QA. He currently works as The Chief Architect for hywy Software Corporation.

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Enterprise Java Computing



Client   : hywy Software Corporation
  • PE:JTM  - The Productivity Environment for JavaTM is a commercial product that allows its users to focus on the business problem, simplify object-to-relational integration, and manages the users' applications through their entire life cycle, all in one solution. It is an application productivity solution that incorporates modeling, code generation, object persistence and a high performance object cache.
    As a standards-based, platform-independent product solution, it can easily integrate with an organization's existing infrastructure and can be extended through automation to enhance the complete product productivity lifecycle, from the conceptualization of a business idea to production-ready application source code, and deployment.
  • As The Chief Architect and Team Leader for hywy, his major responsibilities include conceptualization, analysis, design, development, and delivery of the entire product.
  • In addition to architecting the product, and team leading the effort, some of his major accomplishments, are the development of a J2EE Connector Architecture compliant Resource Adapter, developing the Transactional Layers, implementing key components of the JDO specification, Second Class Object (SCO) support, J2EE integration, and Application Server deployment components, Object-To-Relational Custom Mapping (O/R Custom Mapping), HYWY PE:J Meta Model, JDO Queries, Meta Model Mergers, Meta Model Parsers, Reverse Engineering and connection pooling support for multiple RDBMSs.
  • Java Data Objects (JDO), J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA), Java Transactions API (JTA), JCACHE - Temporary Caching Services for Java, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Container Integration, JavaBeans, JNDI, XML Parsers (JAXP/Xerces - both DOM 2  and SAX 2 API), Java Server Pages (JSP), The Servlets API, JDBC, BEA WebLogic Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Unified Modeling Language (UML), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Object-Relational Persistence Mapping, Oracle 8i, IBM DB2 UDB, MS SQLServer RDBMSs.
Client   : A Leading Marketing-Automation Company
Period : Since March '2000 to December '2000
  • Major companies use this Marketing-Automation software to increase customer share of wallet with individualized multi­channel marketing campaigns based on past transactions. This software also helps business analysts parse customer information in thousands of ways to facilitate business-critical decisions, such as product, service and channel development and pricing strategies.
  • The EmailEngine subsystem takes as input customer mail information, configuration files, templates, dynamic area choices and creates a customized email stream. This system has two major subsystems. The first subsystem parses an XML mail stream and passes the information to the second subsystem which assembles the email page(s). This allows the second subsystem to be reused in the Previewer and future projects.
  • Some of his major accomplishments, are the development of the EmailEngine, its Configuration and Scheduler Modules, a Persistence Layer to the database with connection pooling support for Oracle, DB2, Sybase and SQLServer.
  • JavaBeans, JavaMail API, Sun's XML Parser, Java Server Pages (JSP), The Servlets API, JDBC, Java/RMI, IBM WebSphere Application Server, Unified Modeling Language (UML).
Period : Since April '97 to February '2000
  • The PanelBuilderTM software also called The Offline Programmer is one of Allen Bradley's flagship products. It ships with their PanelViewTM terminals and are intended to program these terminals. This package helps Control Engineers build custom applications for the PanelViewTM Terminals running on the plant floor. These terminals may be used to drive diverse applications like controlling the operations of amusement parks at Disneyland to more mission critical applications like controlling the operations of a Nuclear Power Plant.
  • It allows the user to design control panel applications (on a PC) that can be downloaded over a network to all PanelViewTM terminals. PanelBuilderTM applications consist of a logical arrangement of push buttons, indicators, control lists, bar graphs and alarms. Once downloaded and running in a terminal, they are used to communicate with SLC and PLC controllers also residing on the network
  • Some of his major accomplishments, are the development of a number of COM enabled custom control objects.
  • Visual C++, MFC, COM/OLE, Shlaer-Mellor methodology, PVCS, MS-Access and Windows NT/95.
Period  : May '96 to April '97
  • The Anesthesia WorkplaceTM (AWP) is a software package that runs an Anesthesia machine, that helps surgeons in the Operating room control the patientís intake of anesthesia agents. All the design, code, testing and documentation was done according to FDA standards and requirements. All the work done was monitored by the Food and Drug Administration in the US and a similar standards governing body for the European market.
  • Some of his major accomplishments on this project were the design and development of a number of Servers like the Waveform Servers and the CIN Server, the development of a Firewall, a communications protocol wrapper for the ISO/OSI model, a number of communicating data objects, an NT Service for the Error Repository and a number of Custom Views and Controls. He was also responsible for developing the L5 prototype.
  • Visual C++, MFC, CORBA, Booch methodology, Source Safe, Paradigm Plus and Windows NT 3.51
Period  : March '96 to May '96
  • Developed thunk layers for a couple of 16-bit network Drivers so that these DLLs can run on a 32-bit operating system like Windows NT/95. Developed network drivers for communications using Winsock API.
  • Visual C++ 1.52 and Windows NT 3.51
Period  : September '95 to February '96
  • Designed and developed an Object-Oriented System for Management Planning, capable of presenting and reporting information on-line. The system acts as a planning model that gives very fast results to what-if scenarios and phases according to historical trends. Developed a lot of class wrappers to create interfaces that would connect to mainframe databases ( in ADABAS ) to retrieve information onto a Windows NT front-end.
  • Visual C++ ( v2.0 ), MFC,  Neo-Access, Bounds Checker and Windows NT 3.51
Period  : December '94 to July '95
  • SynergyTM is a Distributed Object-Oriented System with a Client-Server architecture that provides Process Automation to computerize the entire shop-floor of any Corrugated Box manufacturing industry and facilitate real-time decisions.
  • Designed the complete External Interface using the Booch Methodology. Coded, Tested and Integrated the Drivers into a Hybrid Model. Developed a Translator which connected to database backends using ODBC.
  • Borland C++, OWL, Booch methodology, VB, MS-Access, Rational Rose and WFW 3.11
Client    : NOVELL, INC.
Period  : April '94 to November '94
  • Novell AppWare FoundationTM ( NAWF APIs ) is a complete Cross-Platform Applications Development API which supports multiple OSs, GUIs and Application Connectivity.
  • Automated, tested and ported the NAWFTM API methods to different platforms.
  • Microsoft C/C++ 7.0, Tool Command Language( TCL ) and TK Toolkit.
Period  : March '94 to April '94
  • Special Effects Custom Controls for Visual Basic was developed with 30 Display Effects and 30 Erase Effects with ability to change the Display and Erase Speeds.
  • Microsoft C/C++ 7.0, VB Control Development Kit (VB-CDK).
Period   : August '93 to February '94
  • Expert System for the Analysis and Design of Braced Domes - This project involved developing an interactive expert system for use in Structural Engineering Applications for designing Braced Domes wich covered huge spaces uncluttered by columns like Indoor stadia, storage plants, etc.
  • Designed and coded a Rule-Base compiler and an Expert-System Shell which used a forward reasoning Rule Base.
  • Borland C++, OWL and Windows 3.11
Period  : April '92 to July '93
  • DomesTM is a pre-processor for the expert system for braced domes which generates the Three Dimensional co-ordinate geometry, distributes load and decides member connectivity.
  • Designed and coded this package
  • Borland C++ and some OWL
Period   : July '91 to March '92
  • XpertCCCTM - An Expert System for the design of Flat Space Frames involved developing an interactive Expert System for designing structures used to cover large spaces uncluttered by columns like Aircraft Hangars, Shopping Malls etc.
  • Developed an expert system shell and a Rule-base compiler.
  • Borland C++ and some OWL
Bachelor of Engineering, July 1991
Major: Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Java 2, Enterprise Edition (including EJB and JMS) and JDO, Jini, and JavaSpaces
  • Microsoft .NET Framework, and the C# language
  • Microsoft Component Services (COM+, DCOM, MTS, MSMQ, ActiveX)
  • Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Classes ( MFC )
  • CORBA (Naming, Event and Transaction COServices)
  • XML Parsers (JAXP/Xerces - both DOM 2  and SAX 2 API)
  • Novell AppWare Foundation (NAWF) API
  • 80x86 Assembly Language
  • Extensive use of BEA WebLogic Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server, and Macromedia JRun Application Server.
  • Extensive use of MS Visual Source Safe, WinCVS, PVCS Version Management and Defect Tracking systems.
  • Have used Visual Basic, MS-Access, Rational Rose, Paradigm Plus, Bounds Checker, Tool Command Language (TCL ) and Tk Toolkit

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