Java Data Objects (JDO)


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To work with any of these samples, you will need the following:
.........................................JDK 1.2 or higher (I use JDK 1.3.1)
.........................................PE:JTM - The Productivity Environment for JavaTM (from HYWY Software Corporation)


Note: This article assumes that the reader has already created simple bank project using PE:J and JDO.

The Transfer Money Object Interaction Diagram is as shown below:

The Transfer Money logic is as follows:

  1. The IIOP Client ( obtains a reference to the TellerRemote ( remote object from Teller Server (

  2. The IIOP Client ( invokes the transferMoney() method of the TellerRemote ( object.

  3. The TellerRemote ( invokes the TransferMoney() method on the JDO Client (

  4. The JDO Client ( obtains a configured PersistenceManagerFactory from the JDOAdapter.

  5. The JDO Client (  uses the configured PMF to get a PersistenceManager.

  6. The JDO Client (  uses the Persistence Manager to obtain a Transaction object.

  7. The JDO Client ( begins a new Transaction using the Transaction object.

  8. The JDO Client ( invokes the credit method on the Checking object.

  9. The JDO Client ( then invokes the debit method on the Savings object.

  10. The JDO Client ( then commits the transaction by invoking the method in the Transaction object.

  11. The JDO Client ( then closes the Persistence Manager.

  12. The JDO Client ( then closes the JDOAdapter.


Remoting JDO Objects using RMI


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