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Gopalan Suresh Raj

My Presentation on

Java Data Objects (JDO)

 at the Toronto Java User's Group (TJUG) meeting on May 07, 2002

My Presentation on

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

at the Wisconsin Java User's Group (WJUG) meeting on Dec 16, 1998


 The Productivity Environment for Java (PE:J)

 PE:J - The Productivity Environment for Java Take a look at the product that we'd been working on since July 2001 - It's a Productivity Environment for Java (PE:J)...


Note : To run any of the sample applets in this tutorial, you will need a Java 1.1 enabled browser. If you don't already have one, I would recommend that you download Internet Explorer 4.0x or Netscape Navigator 4.06 or higher

A Detailed Comparison of CORBA, DCOM and Java/RMI
MTS vs. EJB (with specific code examples)
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
What is Enterprise JavaBeans
Modeling using Session and Entity Beans
Developing Entity Beans
Developing Session Beans
Developing an EJB Client
Developing an EJB Servlet Client
Coding Bean Managed Persistence (BMP) into Entity EJBs

Java Data Objects (JDO)

What is Java Data Objects
A Simple Banking Application using JDO
Developing JDO Persistence-Aware Applications
Remoting JDO Objects using RMI
Integrating EJB and JDO
Java Message Service (JMS)
What is Java Message Service (JMS)
The Stock Trader JMS Application
Coding the Topic Publisher
Coding the Topic Subscriber
Coding the Queue Sender
Coding the Queue Receiver
Jini Technology
What is Jini
Coding a Simple Jini Service
Coding a Simple Jini Client
Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
What is Java-RMI
Java RMI - Under the Hood
Coding a Java RMI Server
Coding a Java RMI Client
Getting RMI to work on MS-IE & Netscape
Developing a Java/RMI Server Component using IIOP
Developing a Java/RMI Client to our RMI/IIOP Server Component
Developing a CORBA Client to our RMI/IIOP Server Component
Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaMail
Developing using JSP, the Servlets API and the Java Mail API
Developing the EmailSend.jsp page
Developing the EmailSendServlet class
Developing the SendMultipartMessage JavaBean
Developing the EmailContents JavaBean
Developing the EmailContents.jsp response page
Developing the EmailSendError.html - Generic Error Page
The Java 1.1 Event Model
Introspection and Reflection
Property Editors
Steps to write your own Bean
Threading in Java
Threading and Concurrency
Network Programming in Java
Network Clients & Servers
The Factory Method Design Pattern (Creational)
The Mediator Design Pattern (Behavioral)

More to come soon...




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